What Are A Good Girlfriend’s Best Traits?

A lot of guys end up picking the wrong girl. It’s a sad fact of life that a lot of people just need to be with someone, anyone to feel valuable, which means guys will often settle for the wrong girl, making everyone unhappy.

Finding the right person to date is an age old problem. Another problem is that often, people don’t know what they are looking for in a partner until they find it. This means lots of trial and error, drama and bad relationships.

Finding The Perfect Girl For You

First of all, be realistic. If your list of traits for the perfect girl is as long as your arm, you’ll never be happy. Humans are inherently flawed, but sometimes, these ‘flaws’ are in integral part of someone’s personality.

If you are looking for the hot, attractive and clever girl, you’d be best off making sure that you have something equally as valuable to offer them. Beauty And The Beast was a fairytale, remember?

adventurous partner

The best partners will adventure with you

One of the most important qualities you should be looking for is self reassurance. You don’t want to be dating someone who is forever seeking your attention and time. In the same way, you don’t want to act like you need the help of other people every minute of the day. A relationship should be a two way thing, both of you giving and receiving. When you are constantly having to nurse the neediness or another, you won’t be happy in the relationship.

Find yourself an emotionally resilient, happy girlfriend and both of your lives will be better.

Don’t Date Someone Stupid

Intelligence is just as important as any other trait. It’s no fun to be dating someone, especially long term if there’s nothing deeper than their face value. Yeah, you might find some super attractive chick excites and tantalises you physically… Yet, bores you to death the rest of the time. Who cares about what the Kardashians are getting up to. Do you really want to be with someone that makes you want to just escape and talk to someone interesting?

I’m not saying you should go and find the latest Nobel Prize winner, (They probably aren’t interested) just to find someone who is on the same level as you intellectually. Most couples do more talking to each other than anything else, so if you pick a girl who bores you or talks about stuff that you have no interest in, you are with the wrong girl.

passionate walking people

Find someone who shares your passions

Find Someone Active

A lot of people and couples spend a huge amount of their time inside, doing their own thing, with no involvement with each other’s activities. You don’t want this. Whist it is great to have your own space and time to do things that you enjoy alone, picking someone with similar interests to you is paramount to a successful relationship. If you like windsurfing, rock climbing and running, it might not be the greatest plan to find a girl who loves cross stitching and watching TV. Whilst your hobbies don’t have to overlap, having something to say about your partner’s activities and being able to talk about the things you love to them is important. when you find someone who is active and enjoys living and doing things, it can only mean that both of your lives will be more enjoyable. When your partner takes a valid interest in the things you do, you feel more validated and much happier.

Find Someone That Respects You

Respect is often talked about in other kinds of relationships, but very few romantic relationships in the real world revolve around it. Respect should be earned, yes, but finding someone who respects your opinions and can live with having differences in opinions with their partner is important. If you can’t respect each other’s opinions, there’s a very low chance of being able to respect each other’s decisions and fighting over every little thing isn’t a great way to start a relationship.

You aren’t going to agree on everything so you need to find someone that can respect how you do things and can agree to disagree, rather than forcing their will on those around them.

Find Someone That Makes You Feel Incredible

There’s a long list of men that wouldn’t have been successful without the aid of their spouses and girlfriends and it is easier to succeed in everything when you have the backing of another. This works both ways though, support your partner’s desires and in turn they will support yours. If they don’t make you feel stronger and better, maybe this person isn’t for you.

There’s a myriad of more personal things you might be looking for in a girlfriend but these points are not a bad place to start!

The Rules For Giving A Gift At The Holidays

It is heading towards the holidays and you are out gift shopping. You got something for your mother, sister, brother-in-law, and dog. You are pretty happy with yourself. But then you start to think about the big one. What are you going to get the love of your life. You hunt around different shops, different malls, and online but you just can’t quite find the right gift. What should you do?
While the answer to that question depends entirely on what point your relationship is at. You obviously will get different gifts and presents for somebody your brain you been seeing for a week, compared to somebody who have been married to for five years. But whether it is the weeklong relationship or the five-year marriage, putting a bit of effort and thought into the gift will always win you brownie points. Do not just go for the first thing you find, or the most expensive piece of jewelry you can afford, the think about what the person likes, loves, and enjoys to make your selection.

holiday gift 1

A small gift may suffice


If you are in a new relationship it can be difficult to work out whether you should buy a gift at all. If you have only been on one date with a person then I would suggest not buying a present or even a card, but instead using the excuse of the holidays to set up another date.
Suggest going to some Christmas related event such as a fair, or party. This can essentially be your gift to the person as well as the second date for you both. You can then enjoy the Christmas spirit together without worrying about what kind of gift you should buy.
If you have been on a few dates so far, but the relationship is not yet serious, then use should still consider some small gift. It should be thoughtful, but not extravagant. If you decide to get an extravagant gift of this point then it can cause trouble for the future of the relationship. The other person may feel that they need to stay with you longer because of what you bought and how you think about the relationship, or it may scare them away if they are not entirely sure about where they want the relationship together. I suggest buying a small gift that mean something to them, perhaps something related to their interests or lifestyle that you have picked up on over your previous few dates.

holiday gift 2

Do not get too much for a new partner


if you have been seeing somebody for a few months then you are definitely into gift buying territory. But again, just as in a new relationship, you should try and keep away from presence and gifts that might be too extravagant.
They many people always fall back on the mainstays of gifts, such as flowers, chocolates, and jewelry, these should only be seen as side presents and your main gift to anyone you care about should be well thought out. ‘It’s the thought that counts’ really is true and people really like it when you put a lot of thought into presents. Notice what they talk about in the weeks coming up to Christmas and whether they have any new interests or new tastes in life, and then build your gift around these. By listening out and getting ideas from the person you make your job far easier, and enable yourself to get into a position where you can actually strengthen the relationship simply by paying attention and showing how much you care about the other person.
Having said that, the bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates are always going to go down well, just as long as you have thought about the main gift.

holiday gift 3

Get something special for a special person


If you are in a long-term relationship, or are married to somebody, then you should know them and their interests very well. The plus side of this is that you will definitely know what they like and will definitely be able to select a gift that is appropriate for them and that they will definitely enjoy. The downside is that you may well have already used up all of your ideas in previous holidays.
However, if you are in a long-term relationship it is perfectly legitimate to ask the other person what they might like for Christmas. They will have thought about what they want, and as you will be their main gift giver they will probably have a long list for you to look at!
Contrary to the advice for that new relationship or short-term relationship, extravagant presents, once in a while, are a very good idea in a long-term relationship. You should be happy to spend money on your partner and to get them something very nice. In fact, though it may be a cliché, a very nice, very expensive piece of jewelry goes down very well at this time of year.

How To Save A Relationship From Going Bad

Even the longest and happiest of relationships will have their bad times and it is vital to understand this. If you are going through a tough part in your relationship, you should know how to react to your situation and proceed.

I’ll be talking about a couple of the main relationship issues long term couples go through and a possible pathway to getting past them.


Jealousy is a part of the human condition and those who are particularly jealous find it very difficult to disengage. If you or your partner is jealous and it is becoming a problem, it is time to bring up the awkward conversation about what is causing the strife in the relationship.

A lot of people are unaware of how their actions might look to a paranoid or jealous partner. Whilst you shouldn’t be living your life purely to keep someone else from worrying about you, there are often times when you could help your partner out rather than exacerbating the problem. If you or your partner often spends a lot of time with their ex partners or people that are seen to be a threat, try explaining your relationship with them. Most people who are jealous have other problems that can manifest in jealousy. If you know your partner has had traumatizing events in their past that could lead to jealousy, try looking in to therapy as a possible way to fix this type of relationship problem.

Losing ‘Self’

breaking up because of jealousy

Jealousy is a part of the human condition

At the start of a relationship, you tend to spend a lot of time around your new partner. Obviously, you still have the same amount of time in the day, which makes you lose time that you might have spent on other activities. Whether you don’t spend time with your family, friends or doing other things like hobbies, this can become a problem if it isn’t nipped in the bud. If you stay around your partner and defer to them all the time, you can lose your sense of identity.

This is a common problem in relationship with younger people as they haven’t a concrete routine that they need to follow. To combat this, make sure that you and your partner have some time apart and make sure that you do different things, rather than doing everything together.

In addition to the common reasons why a relationship starts to turn sour, there are many tiny reasons that can add up and become a problem.

If you are a laid back kind of couple, who don’t tend to argue or get angry and tell each other what is going wrong in the relationship, this can undermine the happiness in the relationship and boil up over time.

Even if it seems stupid, tell your partner every little problem that you have. Whilst you might feel like you are being a burden, it can be really helpful and cathartic to release these thoughts from your brain.

You brain isn’t a whiteboard and everything that isn’t resolved starts to provoke a stronger reaction. When you get a tiny bit annoyed about the washing up not being done five hundred times, the original tiny annoyance has overflowed in to a typhoon of anger in your head, yet your partner still doesn’t have a clue.

All relationship problems can be solved by a great communication system and sharing with your partner.

All relationship problems can be solved by a great communication system and sharing with your partner.

Almost all relationship problems can be solved by a great communication system and sharing with your partner. A lot of people tell me that they just couldn’t start communicating openly with their partners. Start small, share just little things and this will increase your confidence.

If you really feel like you can’t communicate with your partner, talk things over with friends of family, but don’t heed their advice completely. Whilst they might have their best intentions at heart, they don’t know your problems as well as you do and they are not particularly qualified to give you life altering advice.

The last stand of many relationships is the relationship or marriage counselor. These professionals are often constantly maligned, called fakes and frauds and have a generally bad reputation from those who haven’t ever visited them.

Make up your own mind on this one but sometimes all it takes is someone else’s perception on a matter to find a solution to a problem. Seeing as these people are trained and deal with similar cases on a regular basis, you’d be hard pressed to find a better person to bounce thoughts and opinions from in the context of a relationship.

Whilst a large number of relationships are salvageable, some are not and it is worth getting out of these relationships quickly. Being in a bad relationship can lead to many negative things and finding a way out of the relationship should be your priority. Hopefully it won’t come to this, but be prepared.

Remove Your Doubts About Fitness Supplements

Health, especially good physical condition is essential for creative and dynamic life activities. If you value your health, there are many solutions in front of you. There are thousands of health care products and food supplements available in the market today. Most of them enclose proteins and vitamins vital for muscle intensification. Health is not determined by analyzing intake of vitamins and minerals. However, these supplements will help you to improve your body strength. Professional body builders are the main consumers of such products. If you are looking for steroid supplements, it will be better to seek help from professional doctors.

Life style and fitness supplements

Most people think that, they can alter their body language and fitness level, just by consuming growth supplements. If you want to be healthy, you have to get rid of your bad habits first. Over consumption of alcohol, cigarette smoking, and carbonated drinks can alter the stability of body mechanisms. Things like fatty food items, high level cholesterol, and tensed surroundings can easily decrease the health of a person. Today, our body is packed with noxious components and heavy metals. You must change your life style, before purchasing food supplements.

The truth behind food supplements

Food supplements sometimes create bad health effects, if the consumption is not done correctly. Over dosage of proteins and minerals will destroy one’s health. Always try to seek the help of a professional doctor, in order to identify the risks and possibilities. Most of the supplements contain harmless protein additives, which will fasten your muscle growth.



Consult a doctor – don’t take risks

There are many ways to improve the strength of your muscles, without purchasing fitness supplements. Injection of steroids is quite common among bodybuilders. If you think that purchasing fitness supplements are not healthy, it will be better to keep away from them. Though steroid injections can affect the circulatory system badly, you can use it after consulting with a doctor. Never try to take risks, by consuming steroids without considering a doctor.

There is only one way to get proper health – the natural way. With regular exercise and proper diet plans, you will be able to achieve a high fitness level. If you are confident enough, it will not be advisable to waste your own money on fitness supplements. However, for professional bodybuilders fitness supplements are the best way to increase their body mass. It will be dangerous to have high body mass, without strength. Professional body builders will work hard inside the gymnasium, for improving muscular strength. This proper workout strategy will diminish all the harmful side effects of fitness supplements. But working out under unprofessional guides will put you into more troubles. The best way to makes things efficient is to follow professional means. Whether it be nutrient or work out an experienced person will make your job half easy. Drink plenty of water, eat your vegetables, and work out; you will easily get a stunning physique and following them would help a lot in our day to day’s life.



5 Ways To Avoid Outliving Your Retirement Savings

One of the greatest challenges of retirement is ensuring that your finances last as long as you live. You can ensure you have some money coming in regardless of how long you live through;

Social Security. This is the first line of defense to help you avoid outliving your savings since these payments are remitted and adjusted for inflation for the rest of an individual’s life. People who qualify for Social Security never completely run out finances; however, they may have to cut the standard of living to enable them survive on the Social Security payment when they exhaust other sources of income. It is vital to enhance the money you will obtain because this is the major source of income most retirees depend on. You can boost your Social Security payment by claiming spousal payments, having over 35 years of covered earnings and delaying your claiming up until the age of 70.

Pension. Workers who are advantaged to get traditional pensions via their jobs usually have a guaranteed source of monthly income upon retirement. A lot of private sector pension plans guarantees pension up to a given yearly limit and will remit benefits even when the former employer gets out of the business. However, currently workers who have traditional pensions are given lamp-sum payouts which lack similar protections. So, if you mismanage your lump-sum or you live longer than anticipated, the money may be spent too quickly.

An annuity. Immediate annuities enable an individual to hand over a given portion of the retirement savings to an insurance firm in exchange for monthly payment for his entire life. Some annuities have high fees and costs and you cannot generally be able to pass the money you employed in buying the annuity on to heirs. However, you will gain a predictable monthly income regardless of how long you live as long as the insurance firm stays in the business. If you desire the lifetime guarantee, you will have to trade off access to the money. Most annuity companies will not give you the money back apart from the monthly paycheck once you hand over the money.

5 Ways to Avoid Outliving Your Retirement Savings

5 Ways to Avoid Outliving Your Retirement Savings

Systematic withdrawals. Disciplined investors are able to draw down their savings gradually in a manner that is capable of lasting for a long time. Lots of financial advisors often recommend withdrawing less than 3 to 4% of the retirement savings but this may be adjusted annually for inflation. This strategy has a demerit in that you may live longer than anticipated, your investments may perform poorly or you may fail to adhere to the plan and over spend as per the plan. However, the money will be available to be used for emergencies. If you pass on sooner, your hairs get the money. With this method, if you have a poor investment experience or live longer, you may run out of cash or you may die early before the money is finished and leave a lot of money to charity or your heirs.

Pay off your mortgage. When you pay off your mortgage, a major monthly bill is eliminated which enables you to use the savings for other expenses apart from housing. Your home’s equity may also be tapped for greater emergencies through a reverse mortgage or a second mortgage.

Fund systematic withdrawal

Fund systematic withdrawal

5 Ways to Motivate Employees Beyond Money

Employees are the backbone of each organization. Without these people, any company will succumb to its competitors. We know that money can keep people motivated. But what if your company can’t afford to give salary increases and monetary bonuses often? How can you still keep your employees motivated without spending a fortune? There are a lot of ways to motivate your workforce besides giving them money. Here are 5 of them:

1. Give out free glorious food once in a while

Office meal programs can make your employees happy. When there’s a free meal, they don’t have to leave the office and head to their favorite restaurant to eat. Free meals show appreciation. Even free snacks will be appreciated. It can definitely make the office more enjoyable for your team.

2. Recognize their achievements

When employees achieve something, make sure to recognize it. There are a lot of managers that fail to recognize their exemplary employees. Don’t make this mistake. Recognition won’t cost you a thing, but you will get so much in return. You can expect your employees to work harder and get better.

3. Provide them with a good work environment

Make sure that the office looks pleasant. Employees should feel comfortable each time. Give them enough space to work. Even the chair and the desk should be comfortable for them to use. Everything should be perfect. Temperature has to be just right.

4. Schedule social gatherings

These gatherings encourage the team to strengthen the bond as well as take a break from work. Costume parties, Christmas parties, and occasional team building activities can bring people together. Even watching movies or playing sports together are very effective in keeping people happy. They’ll look forward to work because they know they’ve got good company in the office.

employees work for money

employees work for money

5. Give them additional time off

You can implement contents where employees can earn time off. Even 15 minutes time off is something people will work hard to get. Set goals. When an employee or the entire team reaches the goal, reward them with some time off. You can also reward them by letting them leave work early, let them arrive late, give them more breaks, or extend their lunch period.

There are so many things that you can do to motivate your employees without having to give them money. As simple as giving away a can of soda for a job well done will already be appreciated. Sending emails to everyone informing them of an employee’s accomplishment will also keep a person motivated. Keeping the best and the brightest people can be very challenging. Other companies may be busy trying to take them away from you. So make sure you value your employees. Keep them motivated and you won’t have any problems keeping the best employees you have.

To motivate workers every day,

To motivate workers every day,