5 Ways to Motivate Employees Beyond Money

Employees are the backbone of each organization. Without these people, any company will succumb to its competitors. We know that money can keep people motivated. But what if your company can’t afford to give salary increases and monetary bonuses often? How can you still keep your employees motivated without spending a fortune? There are a lot of ways to motivate your workforce besides giving them money. Here are 5 of them:

1. Give out free glorious food once in a while

Office meal programs can make your employees happy. When there’s a free meal, they don’t have to leave the office and head to their favorite restaurant to eat. Free meals show appreciation. Even free snacks will be appreciated. It can definitely make the office more enjoyable for your team.

2. Recognize their achievements

When employees achieve something, make sure to recognize it. There are a lot of managers that fail to recognize their exemplary employees. Don’t make this mistake. Recognition won’t cost you a thing, but you will get so much in return. You can expect your employees to work harder and get better.

3. Provide them with a good work environment

Make sure that the office looks pleasant. Employees should feel comfortable each time. Give them enough space to work. Even the chair and the desk should be comfortable for them to use. Everything should be perfect. Temperature has to be just right.

4. Schedule social gatherings

These gatherings encourage the team to strengthen the bond as well as take a break from work. Costume parties, Christmas parties, and occasional team building activities can bring people together. Even watching movies or playing sports together are very effective in keeping people happy. They’ll look forward to work because they know they’ve got good company in the office.

employees work for money

employees work for money

5. Give them additional time off

You can implement contents where employees can earn time off. Even 15 minutes time off is something people will work hard to get. Set goals. When an employee or the entire team reaches the goal, reward them with some time off. You can also reward them by letting them leave work early, let them arrive late, give them more breaks, or extend their lunch period.

There are so many things that you can do to motivate your employees without having to give them money. As simple as giving away a can of soda for a job well done will already be appreciated. Sending emails to everyone informing them of an employee’s accomplishment will also keep a person motivated. Keeping the best and the brightest people can be very challenging. Other companies may be busy trying to take them away from you. So make sure you value your employees. Keep them motivated and you won’t have any problems keeping the best employees you have.

To motivate workers every day,

To motivate workers every day,